TextPad : Elegant Tabbed Notepad Replacement for Windows

While there are many advanced text editors available today for the Windows PC users, we still run to the good old Windows Notepad for simpler and quicker tasks. When we have to edit a small text file or create a note, we just press Win+R, type “notepad” and hit Enter. It is small, easy and takes very tiny bit of memory from the available system resources. We can say that what nano editor does on a Linux system, Notepad does that on a standard Windows PC.

However, if you want a slight advantage in terms of the features without losing the fast speed with which Notepad launches, then you might want to try TextPad. It is a very useful Windows Notepad replacement and has been around for decades. TextPad is small and lightweight just like Notepad but it has a tabbed user interface and offers you almost the same features as any word processor would.

TextPad can open files of very large size. In fact, it can open a number of files that have a total size same as your computer’s virtual memory (provided, no other application is competing for the resources). If you have opened multiple files in different tabs, then you can drag-n-drop selected text from one file into another easily. This makes copy-pasting operation very easy.


In addition to copy/pasting, it also offers a very useful search/replace function and various formatting options just as you would find in a full-fledged word processor. There is a comprehensive special characters table including extensions for programmers and HTML authors which can make a coder’s life easy. TextPad also offers a keys macro recorder with 16 active macros, a spelling checker with dictionary in 10 most popular languages, unlimited undo steps, resuming where you left off when closing, and more.

You can download TextPad from https://www.textpad.com/.