AOMEI WinfrGUI : Use Windows File Recovery from GUI

A few years ago Microsoft released a very good file recovery tool called Microsoft Windows File Recovery tool or WinFR in short. This tool is a command line interface (CLI) tool and must be used from the command line prompt (cmd.exe) or from the Terminal on Windows 11.

But as we know, not many people want to use the command line tools. They prefer applications with a beautifully designed graphical user interface (GUI). This is why AOMEI, the makers of the popular AOMEI Backupper software, have now come up with a freeware tool called AOMEI WinfrGUI that acts as the GUI front-end for WinFR.

WinfrGUI is available in form of an installer and comes with its own copy of WinFR.exe which is otherwise available only from the Microsoft Apps Store. The copy inside the WinfrGUI package is also digitally signed by AOMEI to avoid unnecessary warnings from antivirus software.

WinfrGUI offers a very nicely designed user interface and has all the options that are available in the original WinFR application. In its window, we have to select a source partition that would be scanned for deleted files and a saved path where the recovered files will be saved. You can choose a scanning mode quick scan or deep scan (WinFR calls them regular or extensive modes respectively). Then we can click on the Start Recovery button to start the file recovery.


In the background, WinfrGUI passes the selected options to the WinFR.exe application and it works in the background to recover your files. You will be notified when the recovery has been completed. Depending on the partition size and the scan mode, it may take a short or long time for the process to finish.

Just like the WinFR.exe, WinfrGUI also offers advanced options which are meant only for the experienced users possessing advanced data storage knowledge.

You can download AOMEI WinfrGUI from