Epic Games Store Giveaway : Insurmountable

Epic Games store is giving away Insurmountable this week. This game can be put into adventure, survival and strategy categories. In this game, you are the only player in far away mountains which all have very hard to trek terrains.

Insurmountable is basically a mountaineering game in which you have to climb down or up impossible mountain slopes. Being a lonely mountaineer, it becomes extra difficult as there is nobody other to help you. The player has to climb up and down very huge heights and for this you will have to make a strategy before you start. Without a well-thought plan, the you might find yourself trapped in places with no-way out. You may also slip and fall down from such great heights. But in the game, you get unlimited tries to climb up the mountains again and again.

Your task is made more difficult by the dynamic weather in the game. The weather keeps changing at a natural pace. It might start raining, snowing, or you may experience storms. The conditions of mountain climbing become relatively more difficult when it is night time and you cannot see everything in your surroundings.

Insurmountable Game

Insurmountable is a game that can be played a number of times without becoming boring. This is because all the mountain terrains are procedurally created in real-time which ensures that no two mountains are same. You cannot expect what is going to happen next as some of the dangers appear without warning. You have to react to these dangers very fast or you may not survive in those insurmountable mountains.

You can claim the giveaway game “Insurmountable” by visiting Epic Games store at https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/insurmountable-b02c31. You have to sign-in to your Epic Store account and then add the game to the cart before checking out for free. For installing this game you will need Epic Games Launcher software on Windows.