Guerrilla Mail : Disposable Email Address with Many Domains

In today’s world when we depend on the internet for almost everything, we come across so many forums and web apps that ask us to register a new account even for reading some answers on their webpages. For example, a very popular question and answer sharing website forces the user to register for reading more than one of their answers.

For these and many other web forums, websites and web apps which we are going to use only once and which are forcing us to supply our email addresses so that they can start spamming us left and right, we can use disposable email addresses.

A disposable email address is a temporary email address that you can use for a short period. It does not require any registration for creation of the email ID and allows you to access the inbox without having to authenticate. It is very convenient when you have to give someone your email address and you do not want to reveal your real email address for a number of reasons.

Guerrilla Mail is a disposable email address service that provides you instant email addresses for temporary use. It is based on an open-source project which is available over GitHub. It has a very easy-to-use interface and creates a disposable email address for you as soon as you visit their website.

Guerrilla Mail

The most interesting thing about Guerrilla Mail is that it offers a number of domain names to be used. We can pick from a total of 11 domain names and can also edit the username anytime we want. In addition, it also offers a scrambled version of the email address which redirects all the email messages to the same inbox.

When you want to dispose off this temporary email address, you can click on the “Forget Me” button. This removes the temporary email address along with its inbox. You can then create a new email address with a new ID by just visiting Guerrilla Mail  website once again.

You can start creating disposable email address for temporary use by visiting