How to Generate Stereo Tones on Windows PC

Earlier we wrote about the “PC Sound Card Tone Generator” which is a freeware utility to generate a sinusoidal audio frequency having a frequency specified by us. But what if we want to generate two tones at the same time using he stereo audio channels?

For generating stereo (two channel) tone frequency, we can us a third-party application called “Two Channels Frequency Generator”. As the title of this program suggests, we can generate a sound having two tones of different frequencies – one in the left channel and second in the right channel of the audio output.

The user interface makes everything clear as to how to use the program. We can change the settings and values for both the right and left channels easily. We can change the phase, the frequency and the volume for both the channels. It uses the red color for the left channel and blue color for the right channel. After entering the frequencies for both channels, we must press the Enter key so that can it detect the new values. We can start playing the dual-channel tones generated by our PC by clicking on the Start button. We can see the graphical display of the dual-channel tones in a graph on the computer.

Two Channel Frequency Generator

Because of the various limitations imposed by a  regular PC sound card, we cannot actually generate pure sinusoidal tones with high frequencies using this software. The program works great at lower frequencies but does not produce accurate tones at high frequency ranges. This behavior may vary from one sound card to another. Another determining factor is the quality of the speaker. Most of the speakers manufactured are not really designed for playing tones. According to the developer, this program can be useful for the students of Physics and Acoustics.

You can download “Two Channels Frequency Generator” from