LightBurn : Companion Software for Laser Cutting Machine

If you want to cut any material using an industrial laser cutting machine that employs a high-power laser beam for cutting all the material, then you will need  a software to operate it. Usually all the laser cutters come with a software disc or they offer a download link from where you can download it. But if you are looking for a third-party laser cutter companion software then you can try LightBurn.

LightBurn is an all-in-one comprehensive software. Using it we can operate the laser cutter but we can also design the cutting layout, edit an existing layout and more. We can import artwork from a number of popular vector graphics and image formats (including AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP).

Using this professional software for anyone can create special graphic designs that can be then sent to the laser cutters which is connected to your PC. In fact, when we launch LightBurn, it asks for a connected laser cutter without which the software cannot continue. You can click on the Find My Laser button to auto-locate and connect the laser cutter with LightBurn. You have to specify the origin coordinates and the dimensions used carefully or it won’t work with the connected laser cutter.


Another beautiful feature of LightBurn is its ability to run previews. In the preview, you can see how the laser light is going to cut the artwork or design. You can watch the preview animation in slow motion or faster. Before cutting, you can also adjust the power of the laser beam which is slightly different for different materials to be cut.


LightBurn will allow users to precisely control the laser by adjusting its settings and parameters such as power, speed and resolution. You can also use other functions dithering mode, number of passes, cutting order, brightness and contrast. The results of the work can be sent directly to the laser cutter.

You can download LightBurn from