Make Multiple USB Drive Copies with Nero USBxCopy

Back in the old days CD or DVD discs were used extensively as installation media. Microsoft Windows was usually available in a number of CD and DVD discs. But these days CD and DVD disks have become a rare sight to see. Now everyone is using USB flash drives for all kinds of operating system installations whether Windows Linux or macOS.

When creating a bootable USB pendrive or a memory card for the installation of an operating system, you might want to save your time by using Nero USBxCopy. This software specializes in creating multiple bootable USB flash drives and memory cards. It can create bootable media for both Windows and Raspberry Pi. It is ideal for online sellers who want to create many such memory cards or pendrives in a short time.

Upon launching Nero USBxCopy automatically detects all the storage devices attached to your system. It can detect all the USB flash drives and all the memory cards. If you want to be able to attach multiple USB flash drives then you can use a USB port extension cable. Using such an extension cable we can attach 6 to 10 USB flash drives to a single USB port. These extension cables are easily available from Amazon.

Nero USBxCopy

The next thing that we have to do is load the bootable ISO file for the operating system. These ISO files for Windows can be downloaded straight from the Microsoft server. Similarly Raspberry Pi also offers the downloads of their operating system in many different formats. Then we can select the memory cards or the USB flash drives to copy to and click on the “ISO to USB” button. For the Raspberry Pi, it has a separate button – “Create Raspberry Pi OS”.

Nero USBxCopy can make things easier for the professionals who have to deploy multiple bootable USB flash drives containing Windows or Linux operating system. Similarly, we can create many memory cards with Raspberry Pi on them. It is also very useful for the online sellers who sell Raspberry Pi kit.

You can download Nero USBxCopy from