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Like its predecessors, Windows 11 also comes with a calculator app. But it can be used only for some basic, scientific and statistical calculations. What if you want to perform complicated calculations involving multiple variables, functions and equations? For that, we have to use third-party applications like TekaGen CalcPad.

TekaGen CalcPad is a portable application for Windows. It is an advanced desktop calculator using which you can perform simple and complex calculations, use formulas, define your own functions and much more. This one portable calculator offers a wide range of calculations and covers all situations. It even comes with a graphing utility.

TekaGen CalcPad is a high-school student’s dream. It is very small in size (only 1 MB download size) and does not require any installation. It has a unique notepad like interface. We start writing mathematical terms statements and equations in the pad one line at a time. It accurately assesses each of the line and shows the status on the right side of the pad. For example, if we have to declare a variable x with a value of 1, we can simply write x=1 and it will understand it instantly.

Tekagen CalcPad

TekaGen CalcPad makes even complicated math problems a child’s play. Thanks to a large library of predefined functions and the possibility of creating user-defined functions, the result is only a few entries away. In addition, the tool covers a wide variety of formulas and different units. We can pull down the menu and find all kinds of constants listed there including constants from Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy and more.

Even though using TekaGen CalcPad is very easy but if you require any help on any of its features, then it offers full documentation on its website that covers basics, order of operations and all the supported functions.

You can download TekaGen CalcPad from https://tekagen.com/calcpad/.

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