Turbo Play : Video Editor with Advanced Features

These days everyone is busy making videos for their Youtube channel but not all of them edit their videos before uploading. Some people do not even bother to edit their videos, they just copy the video files directly from their camera over to the Youtube. But it is very easy to edit videos and make them look professional, if you have the right video editing software such as Turbo Play.

Turbo Play is a professional video editor with many advanced features. It is specially designed for the Youtubers because it comes with  some of the high-in-demand processing video materials. It can also be used to edit the audio streams, images and lighting used in the video. It can create animation for use in the video projects using Lottie based scripts.

If your digital camera does not have stabilization tool, then Turbo Play has a built-in video stabilization tool. All the editing in Turbo Play is based on the hardware acceleration. This means that if you have a powerful graphics card, then it is definitely going to use it and run all operations much smoother. With hardware acceleration, it is able to edit even 4K resolution videos with relative ease.

Turbo Play

It offers a large number of features which includes many hundreds of high-quality effects which includes transition effects or visualizers, as well as motion tracking effects and a built-in 360-degree viewer. As far as the input or source videos are concerned, it is able to use a video converter to use existing video files. It is also able to record videos directly from an attached digital camera or webcam. The videos produced by Turbo Play can be uploaded to Youtube or other streaming platforms without any problem.

Turbo Play is free for individual use but also offers many other license models both on one-time purchase and subscription based payments.

You can download Turbo Play from https://www.turbo-play.com/.