Tweak Windows 11 Hidden Settings with WinSecret

Windows 11 came with a pleasant new look and everyone is loving it. But some people have found it a tad difficult to adjust with the new features and changes that Windows 11 is offering. For example, some users do not like the way taskbar in Windows 11 desktop is centered unlike in the previous versions. Another issue is with the changes made to the right-click context menu on Windows 11 among many others.

There are settings hidden inside Windows which can be used to tweak it and make it work the way we want it. However, these settings are scattered all over the place and it might take several minutes to change or fine tune just one of the features on Windows 11. But with the help of a tool called WinSecret, we can browse through a number of hidden Windows settings in a matter of seconds.

WinSecret is a free application for Windows 11 that allows you to change various hidden and special settings in the operating system. Using this tool, we can change the appearance and behavior of many Windows components like the taskbar.


The program has a tabbed user interface and we can find settings related to the taskbar, desktop, privacy, appearance and others under these tabs. For the taskbar, we can change the size of the taskbar, its alignment, its position, its transparency, apps switch behavior and hide the icons that we do not like in the taskbar.

For the desktop, we can change the desktop icons spacing and hide the system desktop icons if they are not needed. We can choose whether we want to see personalized ads from Microsoft on various screens such as the lockscreen. There are options for dark or light color themes and the title bar size. We can tweak settings related to the File Explorer toolbar and the right-click context-menu.

The program is strictly meant for Windows 11 computers and cannot be installed on any other version of Windows.

you can download WinSecret from