How to Enable Dark Theme in HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a pwoerful tool for monitoring the various sensors usually found on a Windows based system. These sensors can tell you about the system status and health. These include sensors for temperature, voltages, fan speeds, clock speeds, utilization of resources, currents used and more. Based on the values shown by a sensor we can decide whether to replace a part, clean the computer or take the computer to a technician in order to keep it running healthy.

HWMonitor is available as a portable application. We can download the respective ZIP archive file and extract its contents to a folder. From this folder, we can launch HWMonitor_x86.exe if you are running a 32-bit version of Windows or HWMonitor_x64.exe if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows.

HWMonitor now supports a dark theme just like every other app, web browser or operating system in the world. In order to enable the dark theme for HWMonitor, there are two ways. The first method is very straightforward – you have to launch HWMonitor, select Options from the menubar and then select Dark Theme. This will enable the dark theme instantly.

HWMonitor Dark Theme

Another way to enable the dark theme for HWMonitor is through its configuration file. There is a configuration file named hwmonitorw.ini located in the same folder as the HWMonitor EXE binary file. If the file does not exist, then you can create this file and add a section named [HWMonitor] inside it followed by a value DARKTHEME=1. Setting its value to 1 enabled the dark theme and setting its value to 0 disables the dark theme.

HWMonitor Dark Theme

We can edit this “hwmonitorw.ini” file using Notepad or through command-line prompt. In the latter case, you just have to use the following command:

(echo [HWMonitor] & echo DARKTHEME=1) > hwmonitorw.ini

This command adds the relevant section and the values in the INI configuration for HWMonitor application. It is akin to using a GUI text editor to edit the configuration file but is a little faster.