How to Enable Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) in Firefox

There are some sites that put some JavaScript code on their sites that can be used to track your online activities across various sites. Such scripts are called trackers and modern web browsers have some features to avoid or block these known trackers. When we opt out from being tracked, our web browser sends a request not be to be tracked. But this request might or might not be respected by the server that hosts the tracking code.

If you are a Firefox web browser user, then you can enable something called Enhanced Tracking Protection for any website easily. With enhanced tracking protection (ETP) enabled, Firefox blocks all the trackers in a smart way. It blocks the tracking code in such a way that the website functionality stays unaffected. In addition to the trackers, it also blocks social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, fingerprinters (it is more stronger than the cookie based tracking), cryptominers, and even some of the tracking content in which tracking code is cleverly hidden.

In order to enable enhanced tracking protection for any website, first of all you have to visit that website. Then you can click on the shield icon in the Firefox address bar and turn on Enhanced Tracking Protection for that website using a small toggle button.

Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox

After enabling the enhanced tracking protection for a website, you can also choose the level of protection provided by ETP. For this, we have to open Firefox preferences by entering about:preferences in the address bar. You have to click on the Privacy and Security section from the left side bar.

Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox

Among the various modes/levels, we can choose the strict mode, the standard mode and a custom mode. In the standard mode, it blocks social media trackers, cross-site trackers, fingerprinters and cryptominers. In the strict mode, it applies very strong blocking of all known trackers but it might stop the website from working properly.

If a website is not loading properly or not loading at all in Firefox, then you can try disabling the ETP for that website and that website might work normally.