How to Run Any Program Inside 360 Sandbox

In the computer security the term sandbox refers to a virtual system where the activities of a program are contained within its bounds. When a program is run inside a sandbox, the changes made by that program are made to the virtual system and are contained within the sandbox.

There are many different sandbox software available for Windows users. For example, Sandboxie is one of the most popular sandbox application for Windows. Many antivirus software come with a sandbox of its own. Some of the antivirus software automatically run unknown or new programs inside the sandbox.

360 Total Security is one of such antivirus products that is freely available for the Windows users. It offers many many features, is extremely light on the system resources and can detect the malicious threats in real-time. It also has a sandbox built inside and it is called 360 Sandbox.

Here is how you can run any suspicious program inside the 360 sandbox:

  1. First of all you have to install 360 Total Security on your Windows PC. It will download malware defintiions and then present you with full and complete security.
  2. Right-click on the 360 Total Security icon and choose Sandbox from there. This will open the Sandbox settings in the 360 Total Security window. You have to ensure that Virtual sandbox is enabled here.360 Sandbox
  3. Now you can right-click on any program or program shortcut and choose Run in 360 sandbox from the context-menu.360 Sandbox

This way we can run new, unknown, unfamiliar or suspicious programs inside the 360 virtual sandbox. The program is provided with a virtual file system and the virtual Registry. Any changes made by that program are made to these virtual systems. All the changes made, registry values modified or any of the files created to the sandbox can later be flushed by using the Sandbox cleanup method in the 360 Total Security.