Meazure : Desktop Measurement Tool for Windows

So many times there is an image on your computer screen and you want to measure the angle or length between various objects displayed in that image. You can use a plastic scale used by school students to measure the distance from your screen, but a better method is to use an open-source application called Meazure.

Meazure is a Windows application which can be used to measure various geometric figures on your computer screen.  Among the various geometric shapes that we can measure using Meazure are points, lines, rectangles, circles, angles, etc. In addition it comes with tools like the window tool (for taking measurements of any open window), a ruler tool and the screen grid.

When you use the geometric shape measurement tools, it shows cross-hairs on your screen that you can drag around to fit those shapes over anything that you want to measure. Suppose you want to measure a circular shape from an image, then you can use the circle tool and place the cross-hairs over the center and the circumference. The dimensions of the drawn circle will be displayed in the Meazure window. All the other geometric shapes tools work in a similar manner.


The application can measure things off your screen in a number of units. We can change these units used from the menubar – pixels, twips, points, picas, inches, centimeters, millimeters, degrees and radians. The units that you select from the menubar are used for the current measurements. But if you want to convert the units to some other unit then you can use a program like Convert which is also a portable conversion application for Windows.

Meazure comes with a help file in the CHM format which provides all the explanation and the description for all the features offered by Meazure.

You can download Meazure from