CaptureFlux : Record Webcam Videos Easily

These days all computers come with a webcam installed already or built-inside them. This is because some of the features of a modern operating system do not work without a good quality webcam. And if your computer has a low resolution camera, then you can buy an HD webcam easily from Amazon. If you are buying a webcam specifically for Windows face recognition feature, then you have to look for Windows Hello ready webcam.

Another benefit of having a good webcam is that we can record our videos and save them on the local storage drives. These videos can be explainer videos on a variety of the topics and are very popular on Youtube. If you want to record a webcam video/audio stream without having to spend a large portion of your salary on an expensive video recording software, then you can use CaptureFlux.

CaptureFlux is able to record streams of any video, audio and livestreams. It can easily save the recordings from webcams, TV cards or your digital camera as video data and save them on the hard drive. The freeware CaptureFlux offers many setting options.


After the installation of CaptureFlux on your Windows PC, attach any webcam or video device to your PC and then launch CaptureFlux. If you attach a video device (such as webcam or action camera) after launching CaptureFlux then it won’t be able to detect the new device.

In the CaptureFlux window, you can choose the source of video stream, source of the audio stream and the format of saving the video recording. In the toolbar, we can flip the video horizontally or vertically easily.

It also has a schedule feature which allows you to start a recording without sitting directly in front of the PC. To do this, simply select the start and end time of the program and CaptureFlux will start accordingly. This is great for recording the new year’s eve program.

You can download CaptureFlux from