How to Convert Images to AVIF Image Format Using

AVIF is a relatively new image file format. The reason why it was introduced is because everyone is looking for a better alternative than ages old JPEG file format which is become so dominant on the internet. Developers and researches all over the world are finding new image file formats that have better compression than JPEG and offer much higher quality. The results are the HEIC and AVIF image file formats.

If you want to convert your existing images into the new AVIF file format, then you can make use of the free image editor.  It also comes with many plugins that enhance and add many more features to this image editor program. It can be downloaded for free from

Here is how you can use to convert any type of image into the AVIF image file format:

  1. Launch and click on the Open file icon in its toolbar to open any image that you want to convert. can open a large number of image file types including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, HEIC, WEBP Convert to AVIF
  2. Once the image has been opened in, choose File and then Save As from the menubar. You can also use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S for the same Convert to AVIF
  3. In the file save dialog, choose the file type as Convert to AVIF
  4. When you choose to save an image as AVIF, you have to choose extra options related to the quality and compression of the AVIF image. In these options, we can decide the compression speed/level, quality percentage, chroma sub-sampling, whether to preserve existing tile size Convert to AVIF

AVIF image file format is supported by free image viewer XNView through the use of a plugin. These AVIF image file types are also supported by modern web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser.