Random Name Selector : Helps You Make Decision

Whenever there are many people and only one can be selected, it becomes difficult to pick the right person. When we were children, these situations were handled easily by doing eenie meenie miney moe… or as shown on Seinfeld, by doing Ink-a dink. But with grown ups (unlike in Seinfeld‘s funny episode titled “The Statue”), have to use more sophisticated methods.

If you also find yourself into a similar situation, then you can use an easy web app called “Random Name Selector”. On this web app, we can add all the names, numbers or other strings that we want to pick one from. In order to add the items, we have to click on the Edit button under the text box. After this, we can remove the previous items and add one item – one per line. When we have added all the text strings, we have to click on the Finish button to finalize the list.

Random Name Picker

Once your list is ready, you can click on the Start button to spin the wheel. The wheel spins very fast at first but then it starts to slow down. Finally the name on which the wheel pointer stops is the selected name. It works more or less like the Wheel of Fortune.

Other than using the web app through the mouse, it can be also be used through its keyboard shortcuts. There are shortcuts for spinning the wheel (Space), for resetting the whole wheel (R), for editing the list (E) and for switching to the fullscreen (F).

This app is really  useful for all sorts of situations. For example, if you are not sure where to order your food from, then you can add all of your favorite options from Door Dash to its list. Then press the space key to spin the wheel and you will have the computer select your food for you.

You can visit the Random Name Selector app at https://www.piliapp.com/random/wheel/.