Test Your Stereo Headphone Using Online App

After buying a great new headphone or earphones, the very first thing that we all do is test it. We use a number of music streaming apps like Spotify or Amazon Music and use the newly bought headphones to listen to the music. But music is not a good tester of the stereophonic nature of the headphones. In order to test the stereo on a pair of headphones, we have to use an online app called IObit Sound Test app.

IObit Sound Test app is an online app that plays sound in both the left and right speakers on demand. For playing the sound on the left side, we can click on the left side arrow button. Similarly, for playing the sound on the right side, we have to click on the right-arrow button. The sound played is loud first but then it fades down.

During the test, you should be listening to a sound that starts from the extreme left/right and then fades down towards the center. In order to show this effect, the graphics on the web app also indicate the same.

IObit Sound Test

The way we can check the left and right speakers separately, this test can also be used to find the reverse stereo connections. This problem happens when the left side of the speaker is connected to the right-side of the sound output and the right-side speaker is connected to the left-side of the sound output. In this case, when you play the right speaker on the IOBit Sound Test app, you hear the sound in the left side.

This app is also useful for testing any stereophonic sound output device after repairing it or attaching a new auxiliary audio cable. Some of the aux audio cables might be defective and using the above mentioned we can test if they are any good. This online sound testing app can test all kinds of audio output devices including Bluetooth speakers.

You can test your headphones by visiting the IObit Sound Test app at https://www.iobit.com/en/sound-test.php.