Vovsoft Text Decoder and Encoder : Quick Encryption Tool

If you have to decrypt a text string on the fly, then you do not have to consult a cryptography expert from a large university. Instead, you can just use a free software called Vovsoft Text Decoder and Encoder. This small application can both encode and decode text strings in a variety of ways.

Vovsoft Text Decoder And Encoder works only on Windows operating system. It uses the cryptography algorithms that are mainly utilized for communication or storing important documents on the cloud. For example, email messages are often encoded using the Base64 algorithms which is supported by this application. Then there is URL encoding which is used often to pad the spaces in the websites URLs when entered in a web browser. There are many more algorithms supported such as base64, binary, URL encoding, HTML encoding, quoted printed encoding and simple encryption.

Vovsoft Text Decoder

The program window has two sections – the top section is for entering the unencrypted text and the bottom section is for the encrypted text. For encoding some text, we have to select Encode option. After selecting one of the encryption algorithms, we can enter the unencrypted text and it will be encrypted in a second automatically.

Similarly, when we want to decrypt text, we have to select Decode option in the program’s window. Then we have to choose one of the algorithms using which the original text was encrypted. Afterwards, we can enter the source text and it will decode the text in a matter of seconds. For the simple encryption, we have to enter the password that was used for encryption.

Vovsoft Text Decoder and Encoder is a small but very useful tool. It supports simple encryption methods which are often used in networking such as Base64, URL encoding and more.

You can download Vovsoft Text Decoder and Encoder from https://vovsoft.com/software/text-decoder-and-encoder/.