Wide Angle PDF Converter : Change PDF Into Other Formats

While PDF files have become so popular, there are sometimes when we want to edit them. And when editing a PDF file, it is much easier to convert the PDF files into other very common formats like Microsoft Word documents. Once it is in the Word document format, we can edit it with the ease and power of the Microsoft Word editor.

But how do we convert PDF files into other common file formats? For the PDF conversion, we can use a software like Wide Angle PDF Converter. It is a Windows application, which allows users to manage, convert and secure their PDF files very easily.

Wide Angle PDF Converter comes with a tabbed user interface. Under each of these tabs, we have access to a group of PDF related features. After we have opened a PDF file in the Wide Angle PDF Converter window, we can choose the destination file format for the conversion from under the Convert tab.

Wide Angle PDF Converter

Similarly, we can do many other things from other tabs. For example, the Pages tab offers all the page related operations – add, append, insert, remove, save page as PDF, save page as images, rotate pages and more. The Selection tab allows easy extraction of pages into image file formats. From the Security tab, we can password protect and change the security permissions for the PDF files.

Wide Angle PDF Converter enables us to safely and securely convert PDF files to a variety of formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Excel etc. These PDF files can also be converted to images such as JPEG, PNG, SVG and GIF. We can also convert them to other text based file formats such as TXT, HTML, EPUB, XPS and PostScript. All the conversions are done locally and none of your documents are uploaded on any server.

You can download Wide Angle PDF Converter from https://www.wideanglesoftware.com/pdfconverter/.