WinPaletter : Change the Accent Colors on Windows

Microsoft Windows uses different sets of colors for different things that appear on your screen. For example, in any typical window, the titlebar could be different color in different states of that window – foreground, background, disabled etc.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 use a special color called “accent color” to highlight the state of any object such as the button, radio button to check-boxes. There are many levels of accent colors – defined by the currently applied Windows theme, defined by the system default color, and it could also be defined by a modern app for its own use.

If you want to modify the accent color system wide, then you can use an open-source tool called WinPaletter. Using this tool, we can change not only the accent color but many other things such as the transparency of the windows. In its user interface, we can find all the options in an easy user interface. We can change the accent color of many objects such as start menu, taskbar, action center, action center hover & links, lines, toggles, buttons, taskbar active app background, and more.


It is evident that WinPaletter offers many more options to change the appearance of the user interface than the built-in tools provided by the operating system. Another advantage of the program is the convenience and simplicity when changing the appearance of the interface. We can change the appearance of virtually any element of the system interface – without manual interference with the system registry. All we have to do is click on the color next to an object and choose an accent color for that object.

The created themes can be saved in a file and saved for later editing or use. WinPaletter can also provide more contrast to people who have problem with vision.

You can download WinPaletter from