Cisdem Video Player : Play All Videos and Movies on PC

When playing videos on a Windows PC we often come across many problems. For example, sometimes the Windows Media Player plays only the audio from a video or movie file. And sometimes it plays nothing as it complains about missing codecs. We can fix this problem by noticing which codec is missing and then installing the corresponding codec files. There are also some very big packs of all the possible codecs such as K-Lite Mega Codec pack.

But if you want to go the easy way, then you can start using Cisdem Video Player. According to the developers, it is 100% free video player and is able to play HD and Ultra-HD resolution videos up to 8K. Of course, your hardware should also be able to handle that high resolution. If your laptop screen is not even full HD then you cannot enjoy watching 4K or 8K on it.

Cisdem Video Player

Upon installing the Cisdem Video Player, it associates itself with the video and audio files. You can then start playing the video files just by double-clicking on them. It also features a drag-n-drop interface. There will never be any missing codecs problems. Since this software makes use of the open-source FFmpeg project, it supports all the possible media file formats under the sun.

Cisdem Video Player

In the menubar, we have access to usual video control features like changing volume, play/stop, step back/forward, taking snapshot and so on. The software has a video converter built inside it which can be accessed from the menubar. In the “Convert” menu we can choose a target platform and it will convert that video (being played) into a video file format that can be played on that platform.

Cisdem Video Player makes use of the hardware acceleration so that it can maintain a smooth video playback experience all through a video’s length.

You can download Cisdem Video Player from