UltraMixer: Professional Mixing and DJ Software

UltraMixer is a very high quality professional mixing software designed for DJs and dancing schools. It comes with a dual music player user interface – we can play music on either of these alternatively. We can load playlists in either of these players and switch back and forth between the two playlists.

It also comes with a music library which is useful when quickly searching for a song when playing in live DJ sessions. The music being played goes through a lot of user selected filter. We can store the tracks in the library and play them in any order. The user is free to adjust the sound settings while playing the tracks.

UltraMixer is specially designed for the DJ’s and has tons of features targeting live audio sessions. We can play music from one player which is output to the connected speaker systems. But the DJ can listen to the next track in the queue in the second music player through their headphones. This is highly desirable feature when selecting great music for mixing and switching tracks.


It can connect to your Apple Music or iTunes library in order to import the playlists from there. We can create a DJ mix using these playlists automatically. The program has an Auto-DJ mode which can select the tracks from your playlists automatically. The playlists can be exported or imported by UltraMixer in the very common playlist formats like M3U8.

Just like any other music player it comes with a number of sound effects. UltraMixer comes with widgets such as sampler, special effects, cross-fading, equalizer and more. We can adjust these tools for the perfect blending of music tracks for the best advantage.

UltraMixer also comes with many recording tools. We can connect not only the microphones but it also comes with connection support for MIDI devices. You can record your own music, mixes and musical instruments, save the recording as MP3 and share with others.

You can download UltraMixer from https://ultramixer.com/.