Convert HEIC Images with Kakasoft HEIC to JPG Converter

HEIC images are now being used on the new versions of the macOS. But how do the users of the older Mac access these images? Either they have to install a third-party software like XNView MP which supports HEIC images out of the box, or they have to convert the HEIC image files into a popular image file format like JPEG or PNG.

If you also want to convert the HEIC image files into other popular image file formats then you can use a software specifically designed for this purpose called Kakasoft HEIC to JPG Converter. This tool also contains many other features such as a normal converter and an image compression tool.

The user interface of Kakasoft HEIC to JPG Converter shows you three options when you launch it for the very first time. The three options are HEIC Converter, Normal Converter and Image Compressor. For converting HEIC to JPEG, we have to choose the first option.

Kakasoft HEIC Converter

In the HEIC to JPG Converter we have to start by adding the HEIC image file formats first. We can add files and we can also add folders containing all the HEIC image files. After this we have to select an output file format from JPG, PNG or BMP. Depending on the output file type selected, we can also choose to change the quality of the output image and resize it.

Next, we have to select an output file path and click on the Convert button. It is very quick in converting the HEIC files into other image file formats. We selected a HEIC image file with large dimensions and it took only 4-5 seconds to successfully convert that image into JPG. The output image file was very high quality and at the same had good compression ratio.

You can download Kakasoft HEIC to JPG Converter from