How to Disable Faulty Key on Any Keyboard on Windows

Sometimes when the keyboard keys become dirty, sticky or broken, then they start to show erratic behavior. When you type a letter, it actually types something else. If the keys are broken completely, then nothing happens when you press them. But other keys get damaged in such a way that they get stuck – they keep typing the same letter over and over again. Other than this one key, we can still use the rest of the keyboard only and only if we can disable this faulty key.

Using a free software called KeyTweak, we can disable or remap any on the keyboard on a Windows PC:

  1. Download KeyTweak from Using the downloaded installer, you can install KeyTweak on your PC.
  2. Launch KeyTweak and select the faulty key from the keyboard displayed in its window. You can select any key by clicking on it. For example, if the T key is faulty then you can click on key number 21.
  3. Under the Keyboard Controls section, it will show you which of the keys you have selected. Click on the Disable Key button next to it.KeyTweak
  4. Under the Pending Changes section, click on the Apply button to save the changes into the Windows registry.
  5. Restart your Windows PC for the changes to take effect.

When your Windows PC has restarted, you will notice that the faulty key has become disabled. These changes are written inside the Windows Registry. The faulty key is still faulty, only Windows does not recognize any actions caused by this faulty key.

This method should not be used permanently because once a keyboard becomes faulty, it is going to start failing even more with time. It is always a better idea to buy a brand new keyboard instead of trying to work around the faulty keys on your old keyboard.