PhotoME : Edit Images Metadata like EXIF and IPTC

When we capture a picture using our digital camera, the internal processes of the camera add a lot of information in the digital picture file being created. It saves the information inside the file in form of metadata – some data saved near the end of the actual image data. This metadata can be of many types but EXIF and IPTC formats are most popular. We can use a free application called PhotoME to access and edit this metadata.

PhotoME is a intuitively designed Windows application with the sole purpose of viewing, exporting and editing metadata embedded in the various digital picture files. It works with almost all kinds of image file types which can carry metadata such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAW and negative RAW. The RAW image data coming from many digital camera manufacturers are supported.

PhotoME is very easy to use. After installing it on your Windows PC, you can open the digital camera photos in PhotoME. It will show all the possible information about that photo in its window. This information contains an overview section that shows the basic image information along with the make and model of the camera.


The EXIF information can display the focal length, exposure time, flash, ISO speed, metering mode, white balance, dimension aperture, and the software used to process the image. After this the IPTC data is displayed if available. This follows the image file format specific data, for example, JPEG, PNG etc.

There is a section dedicated about the information about the image and another for the camera. Interoperability data is also displayed. If we want to edit any of the information, we can simple edit it in the window and then save the file. We can also export the metadata like EXIF data to a file or copy the text data to the clipboard.

You can download PhotoME from