Watched Browser : Online Streaming Ready Web Browser

There are dozens of online streaming services available now. Some of these services like Disney, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime are available globally in all the countries. And then there are even more that cater to local regions such as Peacock which is available only in the US and Canada.

For watching the content offered by these dozens of online streaming services, we often download their respective apps or bookmark them in the web browsers. But with the help of a special web browser called Watched, we can enjoy all of these streaming services from a single place.

Watched is a web browser with features build specially for people who watch online TV series (like those from Netflix regularly). This is not free app, and you must buy a package to start using it. In addition, you must buy the subscription for the respective services (such as Netflix) for watching the shows.


After buying all the necessary subscriptions, you will be given the package URL using which you can browse the content on the respective online streaming services. You can browse the content and watch it with the convenience of the Watched browser.

The user interface of the Watched web browser is not that much different from that of Netflix or Disney+. There are categories into which all the available content is categorized. We can pick a movie or TV show from these categories. In the playback interface we can control the video streaming quality, audio volume level, and skip through the timeline.

Watched is not a streaming service, but it helps us keep track of the various TV shows over the well known online streaming services like Netflix. Watched is also available from Google Play store and Apple app store for various mobile devices using those platforms.

You can download Watched browser app from