AutoMouse : Auto-Clicker and Mouse Recorder

Many times we are performing the same old mundane tasks on our Windows PC that it becomes both annoying and boring. These redundant tasks often include clicking on the same buttons or other objects in the same order or sequence. We can obviously manually do these tasks hundreds of times a day, or we can use an automatic mouse clicking application like AutoMouse to do the job faster.

AutoMouse is a Windows application that can record mouse actions and replay them whenever the user desires it. This way it can be used to automatically click on different parts of the screen. It is ideal for performing mouse clicks in the events of repeated tasks.

It can simulate both the left-click and the right-click buttons. The simulation can be performed at the real time speed or at a much faster speed. We can record the mouse events inside a fixed area on the screen and playback the recording anytime we please. The playback can be made into a loop. The loop keeps repeating itself until stopped by the use of hotkeys.


The mouse action recording records both the clicking events and the cursor movements. This is useful in recording the mouse movement and clicks for a particular task, so that you can use the recording to take load off your shoulders and let AutoMouse do the work for you. The recordings can be saved to a file and we can later reload it.

AutoMouse also supports hot keys. We can start the AutoMouse and assign hotkeys for particular actions. Hotkeys can be assigned to actions like recording, replaying, etc. Hotkeys are helpful for quickly recording mouse actions and replaying them back without requiring the program window to be in focus.


AutoMouse is a useful application for taking care of the repeated everyday tasks. It is freeware and does not require any installation on your PC.

You can download AutoMouse from


  1. This is such an innovative tool! AutoMouse makes my life so much easier. It helps me with the tedious clicking and recording tasks that I would otherwise have to do manually. Thanks for introducing me to this fantastic program!

  2. can it be used to open download and updates in windows store
    open smart rss feeds page if set as recording

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