Calculate Space Taken by Folders Using Double Commander

After using a computer for many years, it is very common to find out that the hard disk drive has become completely full. This is because we keep copying all sorts of files on the hard disk drive and downloading even more files. Sometimes, we download the same file multiple times.

This is when it is natural to think about which of the folders have taken up all the space on the hard disk drive or solid state drive as the case maybe. One way to find out which of the folders is occupying so much of the space is by using Double Commander.

Double Commander is a dual-pane file manager designed along the lines of Midnight Commander or FAR Manager. It offers many features and tools that come handy when managing our files. One of these tools can determine the total size occupied by a folder. Here is how it is done:

  1. First of all download and install Double Commander from
  2. Launch Double Commander and locate the folder that you want to calculate the occupied space for.
  3. After selecting a target folder or drive, select Files and then Calculate Occupied Space from the menubar. Alternatively, we can also use the hotkey Ctrl+L.Double Commander Occupied Space
  4. In a few seconds, you will see the total occupied space by that folder. It enumerates all the files and the sub-folders one by one to calculate and add all of their sizes. Afterwards when the enumeration is complete it will show you how much space is occupied by that selected folder.

In addition to the space occupied by this tool, we can also find out the number of files present in the folder and its sub-folders. You can click on the OK button to dismiss the small message box that displays the user about this information. It is definitely a very good feature of Double Commander.