Save HEIC Images into JPEG or PNG with Apeaksoft HEIC Converter

After Apple introduced HEIC image format on all of its operating systems such as iOS and macOS, people started struggling with a new problem altogether. Now they could use HEIC image files on Apple devices but these images could not used on all the other devices running on other platforms such as Windows or Linux.

A freeware tool called Apeaksoft HEIC Converter addresses this problem and allows the Windows users to convert HEIC image files into JPEG or PNG image file formats. It is a standalone application and must be installed on the computer on which you want to convert HEIC image files.

After installing it, we can launch Apeaksoft HEIC Converter. Its beautifully designed user interface allows the users to drag and drop all the HEIC image files on to its window. We can add individual HEIC image files or we can add an entire folder containing all the HEIC images.

Apeaksoft HEIC Converter

Once these images are added to the list on Apeaksoft HEIC Converter window, we can choose the output image format from JPEG or PNG. We can also choose to save the EXIF metadata and set an output path where these new images are going to be saved. Clicking on the Convert button will now instantly perform the image file format conversion. The whole operation takes just a few seconds.

Apeaksoft HEIC Converter

Apeaksoft HEIC Converter is a very useful tool to have if you have multiple devices – some of which are running on Windows and some others are running on macOS. The latter devices will be able to support HEIC image file format natively, but you can convert HEIC to JPEG on the Windows computers so that you can open, edit and print them easily. We highly recommend this freeware tool for all the Windows users.

You can download Apeaksoft HEIC Converter from