SophiApp : Open-Source App for Fine Tuning Windows 11

After buying a brand new PC, the very first thing we all do is change the various settings of the operating system, install new programs and personalize the computer to our own likes and needs. But the newer versions of Windows 11 always come up with new features and settings. This has made Windows 11 a very difficult system to optimize and personalize. We need specialized software for tuning up the Windows PC these days such as iolo System Mechanic or SophiApp.

SophiApp is an open-source PC tuning application for Windows. It is a portable application and does not require any installation on Windows. It works with both Windows 10 and Windows 11, however demands that you are running the latest updated version of Windows. Using SophiApp we can modify Windows settings and optimize it for faster operation.

SophiApp has a modern user interface that matches that of Windows 11 settings. You feel like you are using the Windows 11 settings because of the appearance. We can easily access all the options which are grouped together by various categories – Privacy, Personalization, UWP Apps, Games, Scheduled Tasks, Security, Contextual Menu, Settings etc.

Under the privacy section we can, we can configure user data privacy and telemetry, turn off scheduled task tracking diagnostics etc. We can also get rid of the Microsoft OneDrive which comes pre-installed on Windows 11.

Similar to removing OneDrive, we can also get rid of all the pre-installed UWP applications which are not really needed. We can also install the HEVC video support for Windows 11. If your system has become full of junk and unnecessary files, we can use SophiApp to clean unused files, junk and even the remnants of system updates.

SophiApp will also ask the user to update the Windows 11 to the latest available version if your system is not fully updated.

You can download SophiApp from