Split Byte : Split, Join and Encrypt Files Easily

Split Byte is a Windows application that can split large files into smaller fragments that can later be joined together easily. This is very useful when we are trying to transfer very large files over a network. For example, the macOS installer disc image file is more than 8 GB in size which makes it very hard to be uploaded on slower internet connections. But with the help of Split Byte software we can split the 8 GB file into 16 smaller 500 MB parts which are relatively easy to upload even on unreliable internet connections.

Split Byte has a tabbed user interface and each of the tabs is dedicated to a different function. We have three tabs – one tab for splitting files, another tab for joining the files and yet another tab for checking or comparing the MD5 checksums of various files.

As far as the splitting of the files is concerned, we can split files in two ways. Either we can split a large in a specified number of equal sized smaller files, for example, split a 1 GB file in 10 equal sized files. In this method, it basically divides the original file size with the number of files you want.

Split Byte

The second method involves the user specifying the size of the smaller fragments. In this case it splits the large file into smaller chunks but the last file is always a bit smaller for the obvious reason. The split file fragments are going to have extensions part1, part2, part3 and so on. The file can be encrypted or compressed. Encryption is useful if you do not want the parts of the file be joined manually by anyone who can access them.

Joining files is even easier than splitting the files using Split Byte. In this case, you have to select the first part of all the smaller parts. The software does the rest. You can choose to restore the original date-time stamp for the file.

You can download Split Byte from https://www.4dots-software.com/splitbyte/.