ViVeTool : CLI Tool for Toggling Features in Windows

ViVeTool is a command line interface tool using which we can enable or disable some of the features found only in Windows 10 an Windows 11. These features use a new API using which they are made available in the Windows Insider releases of the Windows builds. This console program called ViVeTool can also harness the power of the same APIs to enable or disable these features. Even though it works mainly on the Insider builds, it also works on the final release versions of Windows 11.

ViVeTool comes as a portable application. We can download it, extract the contents to a folder and run it from there. The program is a console application so it is better run from either a command prompt window (cmd.exe) or from a Terminal window. When we launch the program using its executable, it shows all the available options on your PC.


If you want to know the current status of the various supported features, then you can use the parameter /query. This will show you the list of al the features along with their ID number, description, priority, state, type, variant, payloadkind and payload. Some of these values make sense only for the Windows developers but we can check the state value to see whether a feature is enabled or disabled.

In order to enable one of these features, we can give the command ViVeTool /enable ID where ID is the numeric ID of a feature. We can use the /query command to find out these values on a system. Similarly, if you want to disable these features, then you can give the command ViVeTool /disable ID.

If you forget whether a feature was enabled or disabled by default, then you can use the ViVeTool to fully reset the feature settings on your Windows PC.

You can download ViVeTool from