WinZip Privacy Protector : Keep Personal Data Private

WinZip Privacy Protector is a Windows application designed to keep your personal data private and protected from the snooping eyes of everyone else. It is able to erase your online tracks from your web browsers, it can defend against common online scams and protect against cyber-criminals.

WinZip Privacy Protector comes in a small installer format that installs everything required to protect your privacy. When launched, it shows a user interface that allows the end users to scan their computers for potential privacy problems. For example, it can scan the system for documents that might contain some of your personal data and inform you to move them to a securer location.

We can click on the big green “Scan” button to start the scanning process. Depending on your storage drive sizes and the number of files on them, it might take more or less time to complete the scan. During the scan, it keeps reporting about the progress and how many privacy problems it has detected.

WinZip Privacy Protector

Upon completion of the scan, it displays the full report which contains details about the privacy problems found related to various categories. These categories include login credentials, personal information, browsing tracks, tracking records, documents, etc.  In addition, you can also enable the blocker feature which blocks annoying things from different websites.

You can click on the Review next to a category to check which of the items it has detected and whether they should be considered privacy problems. We can then click on the big green button labeled “Initiate Privacy Protection” which takes the necessary steps to address the privacy problems and provide the needed protection to your PC.

WinZip Privacy Protector

WinZip Privacy Protector keeps running in the background for the all time defense against the online scams, phishing and other common frauds. It is a must-to-have tool for all the privacy conscious persons.

You can download WinZip Privacy Protector from