Change MAC Address : Spoof MAC Address on Windows

Media access control (MAC) address is a unique identifier used for network interface controllers (NIC). This identifier is made up of a group of six hexadecimal numbers separated by dashes or colons. This MAC address is used to easily identify the network interfaces on a complex LAN. This is why it is also sometimes called the machine address or hardware address for the networking devices.

Sometimes, for bypassing a ban by a WiFi network, you might want to change the MAC address of your networking adapter. You can also change the MAC address in order to test your network security. For changing this MAC address, you can use a program like Change MAC Address.

In this software, you can see all of your network adapters visible through the Windows operating system. For each of these network adapters, the factory MAC address is visible. For changing the default MAC address, you have to click on the visible MAC address and then choose a random MAC address.

Change MAC Address

The software allows you to fill in a random MAC address manually. You can also choose one of the networking devices manufacturers and use a random MAC address as used by them. After changing the address, you have to reconnect/restart the network adapter in order for the changes to take effect.

The facility to restart the connection, refresh the MAC address, reset all the changes and change the MAC address are all provided from the single user interface of this application.

Change MAC Address

All things considered, Change MAC Address is a nice little tool for quickly spoofing the MAC address of any networking adapter. It uses standard set of MAC addresses so that they are always valid. However, Change MAC Address is not a freeware but is available in a 10 day trialware.

You can download Change MAC Address from