ShortDoorNote : Create Notices That Nobody Can Avoid

ShortDoorNote is a small Windows program that can be used to create really captivating notices that nobody is able to avoid. These small notices or notes can be put on doors, computers, cars and other places where you want to inform everyone about something.

The program creates to-the-point small notes. This is useful in two ways – firstly the note is small and can be posted anywhere without worrying about how much space it might take. Secondly, people read the smaller notes and avoid very long boring notes. This happens because many of us are very busy in life and do not want to stand at one place reading all the long notices.

For example, you can create a long notice “We are sorry to inform you that this elevator is out of order. Please use the stairs while it is being repaied.” But how many people will read it? Instead you can use ShortDoorNote to create a small note – “Elevator Not Working”, print it and post it on the elevator of your office. Everyone will read these three words and will know instantly that it is out of order and will take stairs.

If you are a restaurant owner who offers free WiFi access to all the customers, then you can print the WiFi password using ShortDoorNote. When you change the password next day, you can print it again using this same program.


ShortDoorNote displays a preview of the note that is being created. We can change the text matter of the note. We can also change the font used, text color, background color, change the font style, change the paper orientation (landscape or portrait), change the frame (border) color and more.

When the note is ready and you are satisfied about how it looks, you can print it using a connected printer. Typically, the note will be printed on a US Letter or A4 size paper. The printed note will be visible from a long distance easily and everyone will be able to read it clearly. The program also prints its own website address near the bottom of the note inside the frame.

You can also print it using a sticker paper for easily posting on any surface. If you plan to have it printed later from a professional printing place then you can also save it as a PDF file only if you have a virtual PDF printer like CutePDF installed on your PC.

You can download ShortDoorNote from