Yale : Utility for Displaying Windows Resources Usage

Yale is a simple and small utility for showing the current system resources for your Windows PC. It was originally designed to show the network usage for all the network interfaces on a Windows computer. But the newer versions can display all the other resource usage as well such as the CPU usage or the physical memory usage.

Yale comes in a portable package and we can start using it just after extracting it to a folder. It places an icon in the Windows desktop notification area. We an double-click on this icon to activate Yale and make it show a small window which shows the current resource usage.

It can show the resource the current CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network usage and the available free disk space for your Windows PC.  In addition to displaying the current network usage (upload and download speeds in terms of bits per second), it can also display the current IP address assigned to your PC.


For the different resource usages that change over time such as the CPU usage or memory usage, it displays a small graph indicating how the resource usage is changing with time. The graph can be displayed in the line format or in a filled curve format.

In the settings for the Yale utility, we can choose which of the resources it is going to display in its window. We can include or exclude resources such as network usage, CPU usage, memory usage etc. We can also choose to show the IP address that is assigned to our computer at the moment. If you choose to show the IP address, then we can also choose to hide or mask the IP address.


Yale is a useful tool for Windows computers as it shows the real-time usage of various system resources. In addition to the current network usage, it also displays CPU usage, memory usage and more.

You can download Yale from https://www.the-sz.com/products/yale/.