Convert PDF to Word Format with Free Adobe Acrobat

Microsoft Office comes with in-built PDF export support. We can open any kind of Office document including Word and save them as PDF files. If you want to create a new PDF file, then you can first create a Microsoft Word file and then save it as PDF file.

Microsoft Office alternatives such as Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice also offer the same functionality. In OpenOffice we can launch Writer, create a document and export it as a PDF file.

However, the reverse is not always so easy when we want to create a Word file from an existing PDF file. There are many small applications that promise to convert PDF to Word but they might not be so accurate.

If you want to convert PDF to Word, then you can always the free online version of Adobe Acrobat. It can convert any type PDF file into Microsoft Word document in a matter of seconds.

Here is how we can use Adobe Acrobat online version for converting PDF documents to Microsoft Word format. It converts the PDF files (any version) to the DOCX version which is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and above.

  1. First of all you have to visit in your desktop web browser such as Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Select a file button and then select a PDF file from your computer. As soon as you select the PDF file, it will be uploaded to the Adobe Acrobat servers. Adobe Acrobat Online PDF to Word
  3. It takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes (depends on the file size and number of pages) for the conversion process to complete. When it has been converted, you will be shown a download link and a preview to download the DOCX file to your PC.Adobe Acrobat Online PDF to Word

If you sign-in to your Adobe Acrobat account in your web browser before following these steps, then you get an extra option to save the converted DOCX file to your Adobe account for later use.