DriveCrypt : Powerful Encryption Software for Windows

Everyone has some files that they do not want others to access. These could be financial files, files related to educations records, private photos, or other files. No matter what kind of files you want to secure, you can use DriveCrypt. As the name depicts, this software can encrypt entire drives or can create virtual container drives which appear as drives like any other in the File Explorer. It offers on-the-fly encryption for all the drives that are being encrypted by it.

One of the most powerful feature of DriveCrypt is the high strength cipher it uses – 1344 bit AES. This encryption algorithm is powerful enough that it takes many decades to break the encryption even by a fast dedicated computing infrastructure.

DriveCrypt can encrypt any kind of drive. It can encrypt existing physical drives easily except the system drive. For this, you have to select the target drive and enable the encryption. During this process you will have to supply a passphrase which is needed to access the contents of that drive. In addition, you can create virtual drive containers and hide these containers as music files so that nobody can suspect anything.


It installs a driver for faster encryption. This facilitates on-the-fly encryption and decryption of the files. The process is so fast that you won’t even notice any delay. When you copy a file to an encrypted drive, the file is automatically encrypted in the memory before being copied to that drive.

DriveCrypt is not a free software but you can download a trial copy which can be used for 30 days. The software is designed using Microsoft .NET 6 and requires you to install the latest version before you can launch it. It reminds of now discontinued TrueCrypt or its successor VeraCrypt which also offers encrypted drives or virtual drives.

You can download DriveCrypt from