Heroic Games Launcher : Epic Games and GOG Launcher

There are only two main digital game distributors that are offering free games and giveaways very often – Epic Games store and GOG. I personally check Epic Games store for new giveaways and keep collecting them to my Epic Games store account library.

If you also have been using GOG and Epic Games story both on your Windows PC then you can use an open-source launcher called Heroic Games Launcher. This one launcher helps you run Epic Games and GOG games from a single unified user interface. There is no need to switch launcher in order to play the games.

In addition, the Heroic Games Launcher is merely 90 MB in size compared to the other two launchers which are many hundreds of megabytes in download size. Furthermore, you can sync your existing launchers with Heroic Games Launcher, so you have all your games in Heroic Games Launcher right away.

Heroic Games Launcher

For all the games you can see the game description, publisher, download size, installed size and the number of times you have played that game. You can browse and buy new games from both Epic Games and GOG stores.

The launcher is provided for Linux and macOS too. You can choose to install the Windows version of a game on Linux or macOS. Heroic Games Launcher helps you run those games using wine. It also has a Wine manager using which you can download and install different versions of Wine on your Linux machine. By choosing the proper version of Wine, you can improve the gaming performance for some games.

The Heroic Games Launcher comes with many themes which change the way it looks. There is a special dracula theme which makes the launcher look really cool. It is being offered in many languages and works without any flaws.

You can download Heroic Games Launcher from https://heroicgameslauncher.com/ or https://github.com/Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher .