SharpCut : Easy Video Editing Tool for Windows

When it comes to editing videos, we often think of large video editing suites from the house of Adobe. But we do not always need such powerful video editors. We can sometimes use smaller and faster software like SharpCut. It is a simple and easy-to-use video editing software that allows some very basic tasks to be completed in seconds. We can cut out individual portions from a video and insert them somewhere else in the timeline. The software does the job in a lossless way because it does not re-encode the videos.

SharpCut also can perform merging of more than one video files into a single video file. It can export the merged video files into some of the popular video formats such as MP4 or MKV. This software has been written using efficient C# coding which makes the software work on any Windows PC running Windows 7 SP1 and above versions. According to the developer, it is much better in performance than JavaScript based LosslessCut. However, the user interface of both look very similar.


SharpCut offers very fast editing of long videos and it supports the popularvideo formats like MP4, MKV, TS, AVI, MOV, MPEG, WEBM and OGV. Using the software is very easy. We have to first open the video file that we want to work upon. After this we can make selection of the portions of the video on the timeline that we want to cut. For selecting the cutting scenes we can use hotkeys.

We can make as many cut selections as we want. Similarly, we can also insert the video sections from one place to another on the time line. After all the editing, we can click on the Export media button to save it to a video file which can be either MP4 or MKV.

You can download SharpCut from