Epic Games Store Giveaway : Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Like every other week, Epic Games store is once again giving away another game for everyone. This week we can enjoy playing an adventure game called Epistory – Typing Chronicles. This game has been designed on the theme of Japanese paper art origami. You begin with a blank sheet of paper and as the game proceeds, you find yourself in a complex world made of origami.

The background story of this game is very interesting. There is a great write trying to type out her story but she is experiencing writer’s block. She wants an inspiration – a muse. She asks her muse to help her finish the story. This is where the player comes in – player is the muse of the writer.

As you start, the writer has just a blank sheet of paper. But you ride through a world which is yet not built and everything is untold, helping the writer pick the ideas for her story. As you explore this magical fantastical world, you reveal the story to the writer and the words appear on the blank sheet automatically.


The world in this game is magnificent and you will find it very alluring just to explore it. In addition, you have to solve the puzzles, defeat the opponents and engage in adrenaline pumping battles.

System requirements for installing and playing this game are very modest considering the modern gaming laptops and gaming desktop computers. You have to have a minimum 4 GB of RAM, aNvidia GeForce  GTX 295, and an Intel Core i5 processor. Unfortunately, it does not run if your computer has an integrated Intel Graphics card such as Intel HD 5500.

You can grab a copy of the adventure game Epistory – Typing Chronicles by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/epistory-typing-chronicles-445794. It has to be installed through the Epic Games Launcher app which is available from the same website.