How to Decrypt Files Encrypted with MegaCortex Ransomware

MegaCortex is a relatively new ransomware that has been targeting the large organizations and companies for a number of years. It was first seen in 2019 and ever since then it has infected hundreds of computers for many organizations.

Working with many law enforcement agencies, antivirus vendor Bitdefender has released a tool for decrypting the files that were encrypted with MegaCortex ransomware. It is a portable tool and can decrypt the files encrypted by all the known versions of MegaCortex ransomware.

Here is how you can use this tool to decrypt your files that were encrypted by this ransomware:

  1. Download the MegaCortex Decryptor tool from
  2. Launch the downloaded tool and accept the terms of use. Then click on the Continue button.MegaCortex Decryptor
  3. Choose to Scan the entire system and select the option to Backup files. Click on the Start now button.
  4. The tool will find any MegaCortex encrypted files and then decrypt them automatically.

If you do not want to go through the GUI options and click on many buttons in order to scan your system, then MegaCortex decryptor tool also offers command line options. For example, you can give the command line parameters start -full-scan to make it silently scan and decrypt files automatically.

MegaCortex Decryptor

If you are an admin for a number of computers or network, then you can download and print the step-by-step instructions from the PDF file available from the above link. You can then use the printed instructions as you scan the various Windows computers and decrypt the files on them.

To prevent further infection, you should install a good security product on your system. Bitdefender Antivirus or Bitdefender Internet Security are great products and provide real-time protection from all kinds of malware including ransomware. They even protect your files from unknown ransomware activity. You can find all the Bitdefender security products from