Laplink SafeErase : Permanently Delete Data from PC

When we buy a new laptop, we either giveaway the old laptop to a friend or sell it to someone who needs it. But before you give your old computer to someone else, you should first remove all the personal data from it. This is why experts always force on using secure erase tools to wipe all the personal data off the storage drives.

For permanently removing all the data from a storage drive, we can use Laplink SafeErase. It is a disk utility for permanently erasing data from a computer so that it cannot be recovered even by professional recovery service providers.

Laplink SafeErase has a step-by-step wizard like user interface. It takes you from one step to another when you want to erases all the data from a hard disk drive or solid state drive. It comes with some of the most powerful algorithms which ensures full security of our data and preserves users’ privacy while deleting the contents of the hard drive.

Laplink SafeErase

It supports algorithms such as Peter Gutmann’s method involving deletion of the data 35 times and US DoD method of overwriting the data 7 times with random data. It can wipe the data from the web browsers too and it supports all the major web browsers.

Laplink SafeErase can be used to securely erase all sorts of data from the hard disk drive. It can securely erase the individual files or folders. It can securely erase entire disks or partitions. It can securely erase available free space which might contain remnants of the files that were normally deleted by the user. In addition, it can also completely erase everything on your PC if desired so.

Laplink SafeErase is not a free software but users can download a 30-day trial version and see how it works. It can be used on computers running Windows XP and above.

You can download Laplink SafeErase from