Makesoft DuplicateFinder : Search and Delete Identical Files

Sooner or later we all start to notice that some files on our Windows PC are available not only in duplicate but in triplicate or quadruplicate. These are the copies of the same file that has been copied to different folders on the same drive. This could be due to a number of reasons like the forgetfulness or the use of some backup software.

These duplicate files (also called identical files) occupy a lot of space on our local storage drives. There is no real use of keeping multiple copies on the same drive. In case of backup, you should keep the files on a cloud storage or a separate external drive.

So what are we supposed to do with these duplicate files? We can use a software like Makesoft DuplicateFinder to search all the duplicate files and then optionally get rid of all of them leaving just a single copy for each of these files.

Makesoft DuplicateFinder

DuplicateFinder can search your entire computer for duplicate files but you can also make it search on a specific drive or folder. It can find duplicates using two methods – first method involves comparing file parameters such as filenames, file dates, and file sizes. The second method is much more advanced and uses file hashing algorithms to compare the contents of two or more files. It uses file hashing algorithms like MD5 and SHA1. With files of larger size, SHA1 might take a longer time.

The search results are shown in groups of identical files. You can select which files you want to delete from these search results. You can save the list to a file or you can delete the selected files.

DuplicateFinder is a very useful tool for all the Windows users to find and remove the duplicate files from any drive. It can help you free up the used disk space on your hard disk drive.

You can download Makesoft DuplicateFinder from