Social Fixer for Facebook : Enhance Facebook Features

When using Facebook on your desktop or laptop computer through a web browser, sometimes you desire for a few  better features. If you also wish that you could change the fonts or hide certain posts, then you can try the Social Fixer extension for your web browser.

Social Fixer is an extension or add-on that changes how Facebook appears in your desktop web browser. It can also hide the posts related to certain topic (for example politics), it can hide all the posts from a certain page, it can tell you when someone unfriended you, and can make chatting through the messenger easier. Using this add-on we can also organize the individual groups and events in a much better way and thus keep track of upcoming events.

Social Fixer Add-on

As soon as you install Social Fixer in your web browser, it starts to work. It places its own icon next to your Facebook profile icon. When you click on this icon, you can see a Social Fixer menu which gives access to all of its features and options. From here you can access the friends manager which shows you who has friended you, who has sent a  friend request and who has unfriended you. It is really useful to find out those people who friend you and unfriend you as soon as you friend them too.

Social Fixer Add-on

Social Fixer offers advanced but simplified settings. Everything is categorized in simple groups such as general hide posts, filters, display tweaks, advanced, experiments and data. It has options to better protect your privacy. This allows you to determine exactly who you want to share which content with and which friends can see your profile details.

Social Fixer Add-on

Social Fixer is a really advanced extension for the web browsers that can make life easy for the Facebook users. It gives you more power on what appears on your Facebook timeline.

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