TightVNC : Fast & Free Remote Desktop Application

If you have to monitor or control your work computer from home, then you can use a VNC application such as TightVNC. It leverages the concept of virtual network computing (VNC) using which we can access a remote computer connected to the internet. With the help of TightVNC, a computer can be monitored and controlled by any other computer.

TightVNC is a remote desktop software application which lets you remotely connect to another computer and display its live remote desktop or control the remote computer with your mouse and keyboard, just like you do it sitting in front of that computer. Mouse and keyboard inputs are transmitted directly. This creates the feeling of sitting directly in front of the remote computer. It doesn’t matter whether you access the computer via the internet or a local area network.


In order to use TightVNC successfully, you have to install it on the remote computer as well as the local computer. On the remote computer it will act like a server and on the local computer, it will act like a VNC viewer. During the initial setup, you can choose to set authentication passwords, so that nobody else can connect to the remote desktop without password.

On the local computer, you have to run TightVNC viewer or use some other VNC viewer application. Even without a dedicated VNC viewer, you can access the remote desktop through a web browser provided that you have Java (JRE) installed on your local computer. You should also have enabled Java based access on the remote desktop in the TightVNC settings.


TightVNC is a very useful tool for the system admins as they can fix problem remotely. It offers advanced features such as file transfer and chat. It can be used on many popular platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS. The software also offers encryption and password protection for secure remote connections.

You can download TightVNC from https://www.tightvnc.com/.