AOMEI World Backup Day 2023 Giveaway

AOMEI is name known all over the world for their backup software. They make software such as FoneTool which is able to backup your entire iPhone to a PC. All of their backup tools can save a user a whole lot of headache when restoring data is needed.

On the occasion of this World Backup Day on 1st April, 2023, AOMEI is organizing a give away event just like the previous years. This year they are giving away six of their best backup software. You can grab these software for free which would otherwise cost you USD 648. The giveaway activity will last from 15th March to April 1st 2023.

During the giveaway you can claim the licenses for  six AOMEI software four of which are for backup and two are for restoring your Windows PC or Apple iPhone. AOMEI Backupper is a software for backing up a Windows PC. It can also perform many other tasks such as cloning of the entire hard drive and syncing. We can migrate from old hard drive to new SSD without having to reinstall everything.

AOMEI World Backup Day 2023

AOMEI FoneTool is a software for making and managing the backups for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It can backup your photos, videos, music and contacts. It can transfer your data from an older iPhone to new iPhone so that you can migrate to the new phone.

AOMEI CBackup is able to backup all of your data on the cloud and on the PC to the cloud. This way your data stays safe even if your local computer gets damaged. We can also backup data from cloud storage to another.

For the users of virtualization software (VMware), AOMEI offers Cyber Backup. This software can automatically backup your virtual machines run by VMware virtualization software.

AOMEI is also offering recovery software for Windows and iOS. This software can be used for recovering your lost or deleted files in just three steps.

You can participate in AOMEI World Backup Day 2023 giveaway activity by visiting