Enable f.lux For Only One Monitor in Dual-Monitor Setup

Even though Windows 10 and Windows 11 both have a dark theme or dark mode which can be automatically turned on at night time, it is not as seamless as compared to f.lux. Long before Microsoft thought of adding screen filters into the Windows settings mix, developers at f.lux software have been offering this free tool called f.lux. It is is a very helpful tool for those who have to work late at night in front of their computer screens.

Depending on your geographical location and time, it can gradually dim your computer screen. This prevents the undesired stress on the eyes which is caused when someone stares at a bright computer screen at night time. The f.lux software has a dozen or so color modes, color temperatures and effects that you can choose to give relief to your eyes and make your screen look more interesting.

In addition to reducing stress on your eyes by slowing lowering the screen brightness, f.lux can also help you regulate your circadian clock. It is an internal clock of human body that resets at sunset and sunrise. You can compare it with the waking up and sleeping cycles of birds (especially the rooster).

So many developers and graphics designers have dual-monitor or multi-monitor configurations. They want to use f.lux on one monitor but disable it on the second monitor. Here is how you can achieve this:

  1. First of download and install the latest version of f.lux from https://justgetflux.com/ so that you have access to all the latest features offered by this software.
  2. After connecting two or more monitors to your computer, right-click on the f.lux icon in the notification area.Toggle f.lux for Any Monitor
  3. From the right-click context-menu, select Disable and then select the monitor from the list for which you want to disable f.lux.

You can disable all the monitors or you can disable none of them. Later you can use this same method to enable f.lux for any of the connected monitors. This method works for not only dual-monitor setup but for three or more monitor configurations.