Epic Games Store Giveaway : The Silent Age

This week Epic Games store is giving away an adventure post-apocalyptic game called “The Silent Age”. In this game, you are going to explore the world just before and after the humanity has gone extinct. It has a very interesting sci-fi storyline which makes the game also very thrilling.

In the game you play Joe, a janitor working in the office building of an American company called Archon in the year 1972. You are going about doing your everyday tasks at work when you hear someone groan. Upon investigation, you stumble upon an elderly man lying on the ground and breathing heavily. It appears that this old man is wearing very different type of clothes.

When asked, this old man tells that he is Dr. Lambert, a scientist from the future. He used a time machine to travel back in his past. He wanted to find out the reasons of the apocalypse which left the whole world in ruins. As he is heaving his last breath, he hands over a portable time machine to Joe and asks him to find young Dr. Lambert.

The Silent Age

Unfortunately, Joe is arrested on the made up charges of industrial espionage. He uses the portable time machine to escape but he lands up in the future – in the year 2012. He discovers a post apocalyptic world and everything is in ruins. Now he has to find the answers to all the questions and return back to 1972.

With stunning detailed graphics, tons of hair-pulling puzzles and action packed levels, this game is surely going to get anyone hooked. The system requirements for this game are very minimal. We can enjoy this game even on older computers with only 2 GB of RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Any computers manufactured after 2012 will be able to run this game smoothly.

You can claim The Silent Age game for free this week by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/the-silent-age-eb6972.